Woodford Foundation for Limited Government

We operate two programs: (1) we are the Managing Director for the Colorado Springs Bastiat Society Chapter, see our chapter on www.bastiatsociety.org at the VISIT OUR CHAPTERS tab, and see the events we offer at the Calendar tab on this website. Bastiat is a program of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) whose mission is to promote economic freedom, sound money, individual liberty, and responsible governance. The Bastiat Society is a global network of business professionals dedicated to giving those in business community the tools they need to advance a free and prosperous society. (2) Our other program is the Limited Government Forum (see www.limitedgovforum.org) which exists to  "Promote Liberty, Justice and Prosperity for All" especially in the Pikes Peak Region. See the LGF Grants tab at www.limitedgovforum.org for information regarding grants that we make to help in the SE Colorado Springs area, where the El Pomar "RISE" effort is working to assist those living in the 80910 and 80916 zip codes. We are also one of the "Network Partners" for the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of North America initiative (www.fraserinstitute.org).