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                      Profit Sharing  and  Vouchers for Delivery of Social Services

Significant voluntary profit sharing by business and use of vouchers for the delivery of all public welfare would have a transformative impact on the nation.

Sharing 25-50% of enterprise profits would engage all employees in maximizing profitability, significantly improve organization harmony and productivity, and over time the widespread growth in individual prosperity and wealth would greatly reduce the need for government welfare programs.

Government welfare programs, if operated in a voucher manner, would empower those in need to maximize the value of the vouchers received and would operate within the competitive, voluntary market. Both for-profit and non-profit organizations would have to compete for vouchers and the competition among those organizations would be far more efficient than the present government-operated welfare system.

Since 1995 the Woodford Foundation has been providing financial support for these concepts and will continue to do so. The Foundation Trustees believe that these practices would result in a stronger, healthier society and urge all business, religious and civic leaders to consider and implement these fundamental concepts.

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Woodford Foundation Trustees

September 3, 2013

Woodford Foundation for Limited Government

Colorado Springs, Colorado