Woodford Foundation for Limited Government

We are a private foundation located in Colorado Springs. Family members comprise the Board of Directors. We are proactive in our grant-making and will consider letters of inquiry but we do not consider unsolicited grant requests.

We conduct an eleven question survey annually for El Paso County, Colorado and a national survey every other year, and use the results to guide our efforts and grant-making. See the 11 Questions tab for details on this.

Our interest is in working to preserve Religious, Political and Economic Freedom by being persuasive in restoring the "Opportunity Society" by (a) promoting a gradual and significant reduction in the size and scope of both Federal and State governments (see Downsizing tab  on the Limited Government Forum website,www.limitedgovforum.org), (b) working as part of the Bastiat Society to influence business owners to be "Principled Wealth Creators " (Bastiat Society tab), and (c) encouraging business and the general electorate to endorse both our Profit Sharing and Vouchers for Delivery of Social Services and Free Enterprise and True Responsible Capitalism statements (see Prof Sh-Vouchers and Resp Capitalism tabs). For an understanding of the free market economic system see the Economics tab. Click on the Walter Williams tab for an excellent video about the morality of free enterprise capitalism.

We helped found and continue to provide major financial support to the Center for the Study of Government and the Individual ("CSGI") at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs with special interest and attention to their Program for Preserving a Free and Prosperous Society. See www.uccs.edu/csgi and http://springslectures.info/about-fps/ for additional information.

Major support also goes to the Foundation for Economic Education and their programs (see www.FEE.org)  and our two programs, the Colorado Springs Bastiat Society (www.bastiatsociety.org) and Limited Government Forum (www.limitedgovforum.org).


Joe and Linda Woodford

Dan Woodford

Steve and Kristin Woodford

John Woodford

Location:        205 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO  80906

Phone:            719-579-9909

Email:             joe.c.woodford@gmail.com